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Declining to do or accept
Nouns — refusal; nonacceptance, denial, declining, declination, rejection; disclaimer, repudiation; negation, contradiction; rebuff, repulse, snub. Informal, thumbs-down. See rejection, exclusion, resistance, repulsion, dissent, negation, unwillingness.
Verbs — refuse, reject, repudiate, deny, decline; negate; rebuff, repulse, snub; [be]grudge, be deaf to; turn a deaf ear to, turn one's back on; discountenance, not hear of, turn [thumbs] down, vote down; wash one's hands of, stand aloof; pass up.
1. refusing, recusant; uncomplying, unaccommodating, unconsenting, deaf to; unwilling.
2. refused, rejected, ungranted, out of the question, not to be thought of, impossible.
Adverbs — no, on no account, never, by no [manner of] means.
Phrases — not for the world; no, thank you; out of the question. Informal, not a chance; not on your life; no way; nothing doing; over my dead body.
Slang, no soap; no deal; no dice; no go; no sale; no way, José; in a pig's eye or ass.
Quotations — I'll make him an offer he can't refuse (Mario Puzo), Wars will cease when men refuse to fight (Anon.).
Antonyms, see consent.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. rejection, repudiation, renunciation, rebuff, snub, turndown, nonacceptance, denial, disavowal, noncompliance, forbidding, veto, interdiction, proscription, ban, writ, enjoinment, exclusion, discountenancing, disallowance, negation, refutation, renouncement, repulse, withholding, disclaimer, nonconsent, unwillingness, regrets, abnegation, declination, repulsion, reversal, dissent, prohibition, disfavor, disapproval, curb, restraint, thumbs down*; see also opposition 2 .
Ant. consent*, approval, acceptance.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
no, rejection, *thumbs down, nix, veto, nonacceptance, denial, turndown.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. A negative response: nay, no, rejection. See AFFIRM. 2. A turning down of a request: denial, disallowance, rejection, turndown. See ACCEPT.

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